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Are keys detachable on G750 series? (Individual Keycaps)

Level 7
I have problem on the right side of keyboard ( I don't really use it but still discomforts me).
So I spilled a bit of sprite and is a bit sticky.
Any tips? I just want to clean like 5 keycaps, if the keys are detachable I wonder.
Does Asus Service provide help in this? Like cleaning it for you if you pay them?

Level 9
I think I read somewhere in the forum that you can remove the keys. You need to do it from the top (closer to the screen). Do it carefully. The bottom of the key will still be connected to the clip. You can remove that after.

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Yes Mr Maxter. >;c

Keys are detachable, it's a very easy process to do.

Simply wedge anything or even your finger underneath the TOP of the key tile and pull UP.

The top is connected with a CLIP and it will make a "SNAP" sound when you pull it.

The bottom is connected by a SLOT so do NOT pull on the bottom.

Once you pull the key up, slide it down slightly, then lift it off.

To re-attach the key, put the bottom in first, slide it back upwards and make sure it HOOKS on, then press down on the key to "SNAP" it back in place.

Make sure you don't accidentally mess up the scissor (the white plastic clip) try not to take it out unless you really need to.

WORD OF WARNING: Keys that are NOT squares like Q, W, E, R, T, Y, have metal bars in them, which slot into thin metal holes. These metals holes are very fragile, do not try to attempt pulling off keys like Backspace, Shift, Control, +, Enter and especially the space bar. Also any key on the top row ( F1 to END ) are much different in clip design and are mounted SIDEWAYS.

Do not remove these keys unless you're experienced. They are easy to break.

Level 9
Sweet! I knew it was you! 😄

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Maxter wrote:
Sweet! I knew it was you! 😄


(P.S. I have approximately double your posts. ':x It is fate we meeet..)

Level 9
They can be lifted off but take care in doing so. If the plastic bracket/clip that secures they key breaks, it's over.

Also, I hope your soda didn't get into the system. Soda wreaks havoc on electronics. 😞

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Thank you very much guys for the advices and help.