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Are Asus Gaming Laptops unreliable?

Level 7

I used to hear that Asus gaming laptops were pretty reliable back in the day, my friend has a 14 year old one that still boots surprisingly, but I no longer believe that Asus makes their laptops the same way they used to, especially their G14, plagued with QC issues, i've read reviews on that and it just seems like half the people that bought them had some sort of issue and had to get it repaired or replaced, unfortunately i won't have that option, i don't want to stay without my laptop for 3 weeks or so waiting for Asus to figure out what's going on, they might just send in a replacement immediately but i'm not taking the risk.

I've been looking into getting a flow x16, it basically has 9 out of the 10 things i want from a laptop, the only thing it's lacking is probably it's battery life but i'll leave that aside for performance, any people have experience with modern asus laptops, and by modern i mean about 2018 and later, any good or bad experience is appreciated.