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Anyone try Borderlands 2 on their G75 ?

Level 7
I'm thinking I'll grab Borderlands 2. I'm just wondering if anyone here has tried it and how the G75 handles it.
For comparison I have the 16Gb Ram version. 256Gb SSD and a 1 Gb drive. Only the 2.3 i7 though and the Nvidia 670m.

Good to hear Douglas. Will give the EVGA utility a try.

What nvidia settings do you use? I'll try to mirror your setup. Also, do you have 8 gigs of Ram?
What else could have an effect? Sound (or other) drivers? Security programs?

I would really appreciate, if you could help me out since you definitely have the experience.

EDIT: Oh and I'm on Windows 8.

Level 7
I took off the default Kaspersky Anti-Virus that mine came with and installed Microsoft's Security Essentials. I'm also using WIndows 7 so that is a difference.

Mine is the Best Buy version so I'm pretty sure 8GB of RAM as well. I haven't done any settings changes in the NVidia software, just running the latest drivers is all. Sound driver I haven't touched.

Thanks again.

Ok, I'll have look into this. The 1080p surely is tempting.