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Anyone try Borderlands 2 on their G75 ?

Level 7
I'm thinking I'll grab Borderlands 2. I'm just wondering if anyone here has tried it and how the G75 handles it.
For comparison I have the 16Gb Ram version. 256Gb SSD and a 1 Gb drive. Only the 2.3 i7 though and the Nvidia 670m.

i got a question
just got my self borderlands 2 and tried to test it.
- first tried all max out settings physics and stuff (i received about 8-30 fps)
- then i tried all max with cpu calculating physX (got around 10-40fps)

then i lowered the settings to 4x AA and medium physX (gpu setting) i received around 8-35fps

my specs:
i7 3610qm 2.3
16gb ram (1333mhz)
gtx 660m 2gb

i wish for a helpful response couse i don't know if it's somthing wrong with my pc or not.
my research:
maybe problems with throttle (don't know about that the temperatures are not showing overheating(60-70°C)
problems with PSU! (some wierd sounds)
(was monitoring the power consumption when it was around 35fps it was around 100w
when it droped to 8fps it was only around 65w
don't know exactly what was going on but i went to
checked the specs for 660m and settings for ultra
1920x1080 (Ultra) High / On (PhysX low) FXAA 8xAF
tried the settings and ye frames where the same.(around 41fps)
i guess it's nothing wrong and it's normal for higher then physX on low to get low fps.
the 670m should get like 5fps more if notebookcheck is right.

I do not know, when I started the game it ran about 40/60 fps with all parameters in high, now that I progress some missions the game does not exceed 50fps and when enemies are too many and there is shooting and more, this falls to 30fps, I have a DS73 g75vw, 12gb ram, 1.5 tb 7200rpm and gtx670m. is this normal? greetings!

Hi guys.

I'm an owner of the G55 (GTX 660M), and when I max out, I tend to have 20-30 fps. The 30 is infact the maximum and it seems like it is capped although I do not have it set as capped but as 'smoothed 22-60' or something like that. What could be the cause for not having higher framerates at all?

By the way, I'm using FRAPS to assess the framerate. And a Sixaxis to control.


WontonNoodle wrote:
what the... running all high except physx (medium) and getting 20-40 fps. 1080p.660m. Something wrong with my laptop??

Actually, now that I've switched from smoothed framerate to unlimited, I am in the same fps range; 40 fps for open areas with nothing particular ongoing, and 20+ fps when there are enemies/firefights. This is with everything as high and 1080P. I guess this is normal, and I have to switch off details or decrease resolution to obtain a bit more fluidity.

So as it stands, the G55VW (or the G75VW at least with 660m) cannot really cope with the (default) game at its highest graphical glory.

EDIT: forgot to mention that I have 8 GBs of RAM. This far I've been led to believe that adding e.g., extra 8 GBs would not affect the performance in any way. Should I be corrected?

Hi guys (continuing the monologue here 🙂 )

actually now that I've played a little further, the performance has become worse, unfortunately. So my current take is that the 660m cannot keep up without me dropping the resolution by a couple of levels. This means that I have to be in the 720p ballpark to ensure steady framerates. Needless to say, I'm quite disappointed. Was I expecting too much, or would you say there is something fundamentally wrong? I cannot get playable steady framerates with 1600X900, let alone at 1080p.

Level 10
Might be a stupid question, but I bought my kids Borderlands 2 as a Christmas present this year--for their X-box. Does anyone know if I can join their games if I buy & install it on my laptop?
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Skull6 wrote:
Might be a stupid question, but I bought my kids Borderlands 2 as a Christmas present this year--for their X-box. Does anyone know if I can join their games if I buy & install it on my laptop?

no xbox is a completly diffrent story... it is a console and it plays multiplayer via xbox live/ split screen if it has function. on other hand if it would be possible it's a worth of a try 😄 u gave me an idea that i will try it even my self... some time in future. but ye i dout that it would work.

Level 7
I've put in over 300 hours on Borderlands 2 on my G75VW with 660M. I have it set to 1080P and all settings on max with the exception of physics which is set to medium. I have a constant frame rate of 40+. If I enable physics to high I drop to 25 or so.

Ok, thanks for your reply.

Hmmm... are you positive you can remain at appr. 40 even during intense firefights? I am not doubting you, just want to have a clarification. If so, then something must definitely be off with my piece. 😞

I am very positive that there is nothing running in the background either, so could this be a heat issue? Does Furmark give any indication? (I've only heard of it)

Level 7
When I'm running any game I have EVGA On Screen Display running to keep track of my GPU temp, which stays between 60-63 depending on how long I've been playing. Within EVGA, I have it also enabled to use FRAPS to show my frame rate and also HWMonitor to keep track of CPU temp which also stays nice and cool.

Just working on my second character today and played quite a lot actually and never had an issue. I'm running the latest drivers from NVidia but even before them I didn't have any issue. I've had this G75 since September, Borderlands 2 was one my my reasons for wanting a new laptop. And this one hasn't disappointed me in the least.