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Anyone tried the january 2015 Technical preview of Windows 10?

Level 9
I did try it and have to say i kind of like it, some things will take a bit of time to get used to again like the charms bar is gone now on the right. Folder icons look different, and that new start/ metro combined thing looks very promising for me, can add all the programs to that if you want so the dekstop is nice and clean again. Most important: performance.... i did notice my cpu is around 3 degrees cooler with this windows 10 so thats a much welcomed improvement for me. for the rest it feels almost as rock solid as 8.1 to me

Driver wise i just used the ones i always use on 8.1 and all went flawless with installation. Now its time to wait untill there is a more "unlocked" version that shows the new OS inits true glory. lot of stuff is still disabled in the registry. some things can be enabled though if you look around for those regedit tweaks. The only thing not working is samsung m,agician rapidmode due to the fact that it doesnt recognise the OS yet. I didnt play any games yet but will test a few today perhaps .

All in all i like it and cannot wait till its released, the more cause my phone has windwos as well so when they both have 10 on it they will work together quite awesome for sure

Just be sure you dont use this yet as a daily OS cause you might run into issues every now and then (probably) for that wait till its RTM perhaps

here is the link if anyone wants to give it a go as well

forget the insider registration cause thats not really needed, except if you wanna upgrade your current win 8.1 to the TP windows 10

Level 7
I thought about it but my laptop is my only computer and I just reinstalled 8.1and got it working so I shall hold out for a while. I agree that it does look promising and I also have a windows phone so I am eagerly waiting to see the kind of integration that 10 brings.

Level 9
yeah i made a recovery usb for my 8.1 install here so i can easy revert back if i need the hassle free 8.1 for my dj sets etc, so that would be an option for you as well. but i doubt it will be a wait till the end of the year for this new 10. one say end of 2015 but also heard something about end of april. so we'll see. hope i get te developer preview of windows phone 10 soon as well 🙂

Level 10
i am dual booting version 9901 which is only a couple of weeks old and was working fine until 2 days ago when it would not get to login screen. just a black screen. i used nvidia latest but maybe they need to do some work for win 10?
i had to reload from an image and its ok so far but certainly not for everyday use yet.
dual boot or run virtual only for now.
having said that, its good to see the win 7 start menu reappearing.
the boxy cartoon menus and full screen really basic programs were never for a desktop.
i see microsoft are keeping up the traditon of alternate good/bad os's
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Level 9
hi there perhaps you could try an upgrade to the publicly available 9926 version. might work a bit better. but yeah im also quite happy with this new start menu and all. new notification center also not bad at all 🙂 but indeed still a lot of work needed to be done

I dual boot too, with 8.1 the default OS. The only problem I've had was 10 couldn't find my wireless printer...until I joined the network! Duh.
10 seems more stable than Vista ever was
I learned to point my data files (Outlook, iTunes, Downloads and Documents) to my *other drive and they stay 'synced'.