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Anyone know what the optical drive noise is?

Level 7
Note: This is my first post, please be gentle 🙂


I noticed that whenever I turn on my JX, the Blu-Ray drive makes a quick funny noise during POST. Its the same kind of noise it makes when you open it. Now, I don't think there's anything wrong with this. Many laptop optical drives make a similar sound when POSTing or ejecting. But the thing that confuses me is that whenever I run Steam, the optical drive makes that noise (just before the Steam login).

I have no idea as to why this happens (although functionally, it isn't a problem).

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Simply put, steam puts a request to all media devices in hopes to find games to add to it's library.

During On and Off, the rails reset the laser position in order to scan media as the optical drive is in the boot list.. and when turned off, put the laser into default position which I believe is right up against the spinner.

All laptops do this. :3 Well.. most of them, anyway!

Ah! That makes a lot of sense! Thanks @Darnassus 🙂

Level 8
I'm getting it on random intervals without any steam/gaming platforms or games running. It's like OS decides to check it for no reason at all (it happens more often when installing something, than on idle).

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Yep, it's as Darnassus said. Any time the system has a need to check the drives for changed content, capacity, or anything, the DVD drive will very briefly spin the motor to check if there's a disc inside. The motor engaging is what makes the noise. Any time an installer, or any program, checks your drives for space to see which drives it could install to, it also trips that disc check.

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Guys, I have gotten in the habit of going into the Device Manager and Right-Click Disabling the hardware I don't need - like the Microphone, Webcam, Bluetooth, Wifi, Digital Output, and DVD - you can avoid refreshing the DVD - except at power up - but in Windows it shouldn't access the DVD any longer - be sure and reboot between Disabling for Windows to notice the change.


Level 8
Kinda overblown method, but I gotta admit that I haven't used an optical drive in like 5 years.

baulaergrungim wrote:
Kinda overblown method, but I gotta admit that I haven't used an optical drive in like 5 years.

baulaergrungim, it's really just another On/Off switch 🙂