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Anyone have the Asus G74SX-3D

Level 7
Just wondering if anyone in the ROG Forums have the 3D version of the G74SX.

The only reviews i am really getting any feel for are the ones of Amazon, which feel like a cut and paste from reviews from other sites.

I have about another 4weeks till i am stateside for some training and there is a Frys Electronics store that caries the G74SX-A1 and the 3D version, but with very limited quantities.

If anyone has the G74SX-3D any ''ROG'' Reviews will be greatly appreciated because i am now torn between these two choices.

Thank You and ROG on!!! :cool:

Level 11
Yes sir, I got one of them (G74SX-3DE).

Aside from the 3D, I think the only other difference with the G74SX-A1 is the matte screen (I love it- doesn't strain the eyes and the color-vibrancy).

I've had it for a month now and it's been running as it should be, except for one thing.
There was a bright dot on the screen. I remedied it by turning the screen off, then applying pressure to its exact location with the tip of a pen.
Then I turned on the screen again, and the bright dot was aligned back (problem solved:)).

I changed the stock 7200 rpm primary disk into a Crucial M4 128 GB SSD, did a clean install of Win7 Ultimate 64, installed win7 SP1 and other updates, and the necessary ASUS drivers.

Right away, I noticed the difference was significant. My boot time with the SSD is around 20 seconds. Same goes with gaming, file reading and copying, and the like. Everything seems to be working faster than with the stock HDD.

One of the reasons I chose the 3D version is that I wanted to watch movies and play some games in 3D with it. And this baby-beast didn't disappoint. Simply awesome. Since my wife loves it, too, now I need to buy another pair of Nvidia glasses just so we can watch movies together..

Been reading on this Forum about hardware and software issues (and there are a lot of them). But I'm glad that until now, I didn't have any trouble with mine. Guess I'm one of the lucky majority:)

I saw at Gentech PC (where I bought mine) that the G74SX-3DE is now Asus G74SX-DH73-3D, and the i7-2630QM is now upgraded to i7-2670QM. The good news for would-be buyers is the price is still the same!.. (Am I now having a tinge of buyer's remorse?.. should have waited a bit longer..:()

Bottom line, methinks it's really up to you which one to choose. For me, I like the 3D version so I went for it, even if I need to pay a bit more.

Good luck.

Level 12
Don't forget about the few layers of wet paper towel under the pen. You don't want FallNinja damaging his screen. 😄
Read the User's Manual for more info. 😄

G74SX-A1 BIOS 203
Intel 6230 WiFi/BT
LG E2350 LED LCD Monitor
Intel Series 510 120 GB SSD

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JRd1st on

JRd1st wrote:
Don't forget about the few layers of wet paper towel under the pen. You don't want FallNinja damaging his screen. 😄

LOL!! Thanks, man.. I forgot about that!

But I'm almost sure he won't have the same problem if/when he chooses to get the 3D laptop version:p

@PILGRIM thanks for that review and recommendations, yeah ive noticed that they have the G74SX-DH73-3D out now for nearly the same price

Has anyone seen a 3D model available anywhere other than online retailers? Such like a Best Buy, Frys Electronics, Staples etc...

@JRd1st haha yeah i dont wanna change my name to EPICFailNinja 😛

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I bought mine from TigerDirect, it came 3 days after my order without extra cost on shipping. I also wiped it right away and put Win7 64 Ult on it. I installled the relevent drivers off the disk, then upated it all.

I was disapointed as my space bar was mashed in, the LED on the right side of it broken and I have to hit the space dead center to get it to register. Other than that it was perfect construction, strong, elegent, stunning to me really. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the minimalist design of it and despite large size, it's really not a stand out in the coffee shop (especially if the table its on is black).

The 3D is amazing, all my games are like brand new experiance again and more fun now. My words can't describe how happy I am playing left4dead 2 in 3D Mode. The sharpness of it, so clean, so crisp. So true that If you are coupled, you WILL wind up getting a second pair to share the exeriance. As of this post though BF3 is still not 3D without a lot of voodoo so boo hoo to that.

The USB 3.0 transfers exactly twice as fast in my exeriance, 36M to 69M, and on a SSD I get 108M

My recomendation to you.
1. Do ALL your bios and firmware upgrades (from usb fat drive).
2. Disable the touchpad in BIOS.
3. Put the OS of choice on it. Update, Update, Update, Update.
4. Scour the Forums for the details on the most broken aspects (like the touchpad, keyboard issues, etc) Then apply your own wisdom on what to install.
5. Image it or otherwise secure your install in a raw clean state.

I did not consider sound when I bought this computer. There is no optical out and the HDMI would not HDCP or whatever on my reciever through to the TV. I had to conect the HDMI to the TV directly, and I use it as a second monitor. For sound I got my optical out by purchasing a XiFi 5.1 USB surround sound device. Now I play movies on a TV and use a optical reciever for dolby surround.

I wanted to know if anyone has connect the HDMI to a 120HZ TV and achieved 3d on a seperate monitor? My laptop is stationed right in front of the TV so I don't think IR will be an issue as the IR sender is just at the bottom edge of TV.

I'm not RMA-ing my unit. 2 weeks no comp?! no thanks. Here is info on keyboard if you have issues like with actual physical problem.
The part number for the G74 SX keyboard is 04GN562KUS00-1
The website address is

Hey guys who have the ASUS G74SX 3D, is the framerate of games affected when you use 3D in the games or not? Like, do you lose fps in the game or is it just perfect?
Please reply!!!

like3D wrote:
Hey guys who have the ASUS G74SX 3D, is the framerate of games affected when you use 3D in the games or not? Like, do you lose fps in the game or is it just perfect?
Please reply!!!

Hi, there. Playing games in 3D mode definitely drops down the FPS by a half or a third,
depending on a specific game. I think it's due to 3D mode needing twice the amount of
refresh rate (120 Hz) as compared to 2D mode (60 Hz).

But in my experience, all the games I've played in 3D on my G74 are still very playable.
For example, COD Black Ops is the game I've enjoyed the most in 3D. Also, there are games
that are optimized for nVidia cards. You may check them out in your nVidia's Control Panel.