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Anti-Virus Software Preferences

Level 7
My Kaspersky anti-virus software license is coming up for renewal and I would like to consider effective, but less-expensive alternatives. What are your preferences?

Level 10
MIcrosoft Security Essentials (MSE) is really good, really lightweight, and really in free. I've used Norton's security suite (NIS) for ages....I buy a multi-volume license every year so it's pretty cheap for each computer. I'll probably stick with that because I'm familiar with it and it works well....but if I needed a cheaper alternative, I'd go with MSE. I have started installing that as the default AV program on systems I set up for other people.

Level 11
Microsoft in their crusade to nuke all the utility software vendors, and in another attempt to get more grip on us, release on the market a good anti-virus, it's free, but one day we gone pay the price. I'm doom because I use it too.

Level 10
I use these AV programs to stay clean on my notebook 🙂

I got one more, if you're really stuck on a difficult virus and don't want to reinstall the notebook to get rid of it 🙂 (Called Combofix, and if you would download it you need to find "A guide and tutorial on using ComboFix" on google)

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I use Avast and it's free.
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Level 18
microsoft security essentials all day ... i never fight with Bill.

Level 9
I'm now using BitDefender which got top marks in a recent MaximumPC paid-for AV round-up review. The BD Internet Security suite is good for 3 PCs for two years which is great. I only buy AV software when I see it on sale. I also MSE on a couple of other laptops in the house and it works good too, especially for a free one. In the past I've used Kaspersky, ESET, and Norton.
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I've used all forms of Norton including Symantec Endpoint. The free version of AVG is better but I use MSE also (I like free).
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Level 7
Eset Smart Security is by far the best AV I have ever known, but it is 60$ a year. I highly recommend it. Worth every penny.
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Level 7
Microsoft Security Essentials here too as well as Malwarebytes in safe mode 🙂

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