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Another G73 Review

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There are a lot of things to say about this laptop, so I'll start with pros/cons.


  • It's GREAT price/performance ratio.
  • Amazing cooling. This laptop stays cool, and is QUIET! The other ati-5870m laptops out there either have 2 fans and are LOUD or 1 fan and are HOT. The g73 gets this right.
  • Beautiful screen! The FHD screen, or 1600x900 screen ... they're both beautiful. Great viewing angles, good color depth.
  • Warranty - Asus warranty ROCKS!


  • It's HEAVY. But it's also a 17inch beast... and some models come with a backpack that fits. So, not really a con.
  • No windows restore DVD included ... you have to burn your own. Pretty much industry standard, so you can't really blame asus. I still think the $0.50 cents to include the DVD would have been nice.
  • Stuck with stock drivers - Yup, upgrading your drivers to ATI reference drivers will cause problems in many laptops. Not a big deal unless you plan on doing professional work and need specific features.
  • Warranty work. If you don't remind the customer service agents that you have ASUS360, they won't send you a shipping label. And this baby is EXPENSIVE to ship! Also, depending on your problem, the repair times can be long, if they have to wait for parts to arrive at your facility. Not really an issue if you live near Fremont, CA.

My Impressions: This is a nice laptop! I'd buy again, for sure! There are a lot of negative comments on in the gaming laptop section, but most of those threads are one or two problems, repeated over and over again, by people who can't search the forum for their concerns, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. It feels quite solid, the build quality is great and it looks professional (unlike the other G-series laptops). I'm comfortable bringing this laptop to work with me. It is super quiet, the fans are barely audible at idle, and still quieter than my netbook at load! This baby will run just about any game that you throw at it. You may have some problems getting newer games to install if you don't upgrade the GPU drivers, but you might get some crashing in games if you do - so the easiest way to get games like the ffXIV beta to run is to upgrade the drivers, install it, and reinstall asus stock. Not a problem, really, and you don't even need to restart!