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An ACPI Power Object failed to transition state, g750jz GPU not detected

Level 11

I have g750jz and when I plug it on the fans go to the max and gpu is not detected.

Under device manager the intel 4th gen core processor pci express x16 controller has warning

it says
the device cannor start (code 10)
An ACPI Power Object failed to transition state

If i go in bios tho I can see the vbios version so it makes me think the gpu is still being detected but i cannot use it

anyone has any idea what to do to fix this?

i already tried going to newer bios even though it was the same as mine, i tried older one too.

any ideas?76272
Asus Rog G750JZ
Screen: 1920x1080 17.3'
CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-4700HQ (3.4Ghz @ -70mV)
GPU: GeForce GTX 880M 4GB (OC +125Mhz Core, +600Mhz Memory @ 1.062V)
RAM: Samsung 32GB 1600MHz
Storage #1: Samsung Evo 840 250GB
Storage #2: Samsung Evo 850 500GB
Storage #3: Seagate Barracuda 2TB
Storage #4: Samsung Evo 128GB MicroSD