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Adding SSD to G53JW?

Level 7
I recently installed an SSD into the extra HDD slot for the ASUS G53 model....

It didn't come with another bracket or caddy, so the SSD basically moves around in there, and I think that could damage the SATA plug over time

How should I keep the SSD secured? Is it possible to buy another bracket? I think I might use cardboard or velcro because a bracket seems like a rip-off

Level 14
The bracket's only function is to secure the drive. I like your velcro idea.
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I think even cardboard could work as well because a Plextor SSD shouldn't heat up like crazy

I checked eBay and the ASUS parts store for the 2.5" caddy. $22 is a huge ripoff, the thing doesn't even come with screws LOL