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Action Keys/Bios in G75VX

Level 7
Can you disable the Fn+ function key combination on the G75VX? I tried to look for the action keys enable/disable in the Bios but could not find it. Would the ATK package from Asus let me access the Fn+function key Combination without pressing the Fn+? I have tried the pressing fn+alt+num lk; fn+shift+num lk; and ctrl+alt+num lk key combinations as some on the internet have suggested but no luck. TIA:D

Level 13
i'm afraid there is no such function exist. maybe you need some sort of key-mapping app for that.

if you wished to disable the fn+function key combos entirely, the simpler way is just uninstall atk package.

Level 10
Yeah uninstalling ATK will do or maybe if it doesnt try uninstalling the keyboard filter driver. Anyway, why would you want ro cripple your laptop like that?

Sorry, I should have explained what I wanted to do. I wanted to access the vol up, vol dwn, mute, brightness up/down, etc. without having to press the fn+the corresponding function button. For example, to turn up the vol, I just want to press f12 (not fn+f12). Is there anyway to do that on the G75vx? I frequently adjust settings depending on my environment.

Level 9
i don;t think so, it can be only pressing without fn.