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Acer X34 Predator plugged in my G751?

Level 7
I am inlove with the X34 predator monitor but what worries me is if it will run through the Display Port of the G751JY 980m at full resolution/refresh rate.I realize that it wouldn't be an ideal setup for gaming at high settings but I saw a benchmark of the GTX 780 (comparable to the 980m) and it looked decent.I just don't want to have a multi-monitor setup since that will clog up my desk space even more with cables.I am a MOBA gamer so the games I play aren't that intensive anyways so my goal is to play the game at like 1080p windowed and have other stuff opened to the sides.I am just worried that it won't run cuz It's a big chunk of money and I don't want it running at 50hz or some crap like that.Anyone know anything on the matter?There are literally 0 articles on the topic and spending that much money on a monitor just to find out it's not working would be a killer.

Level 13
Extremely specific instances like this are hard to get input for. The more things evolve the harder it is to get information. I've been tossing around the idea of implementing a pair of external 980s in SLI to run a large 4K display but most likely if I go that way I'll just go ahead and build another desktop. Just waiting on a major CPU jump before another build.

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Level 7
The thing is 21:9 3440x1440 is way less pixels than 4k 4096 x 2160.I actually tried to have some sort of a test as unreliable as it may seem I simply set the resolution to 4k and tried to play a game (NBA 2K16) at that resolution.It was around 30 fps and hardly playable but we're talking about a major pixel number decrease when comparing to ultra-wide UHD.I actually sent an e-mail to Display-port themselves to ask them if it will be compatible since it's display port 1.2 rather than 1.3.Also the Nvidia website claims 4k is available on the 980m so I am guessing ultra-wide won't be a problem.Worst case scenario I'd have to return it.