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Acer predator monitors and Asus G752

Level 7
Hello guys,

Few days ago I bought Acer predator XB271HU monitor because my Dell U2515H was not waking up from sleep. When I linked the monitor through HDMI to my Asus G752 gaming laptop, I got no signal but it worked with Mini Displayport. Since I have another monitor Acer Predator x34p connected through Mini Displayport, I can't use it and I have to use HDMI.

Now to fix the issue I did following steps.

1. I updated the Nvidia graphic adapter.
2. I tried to use another HDMI cable which didn't work.
3. I connected one Asus monitor through HDMI to the laptop which works fine, so the HDMI port is fine in laptop.
4. I connected the Acer predator to another laptop through HDMI and it worked, so the HDMI is fine in monitor.
5. I connected Acer Predator x34p monitor through HDMI and also got no signal.

At the moment I am installing Ubuntu to test weather the issue is with Windows. I should also mention that before this issue, HDMI port was working fine, until the Dell monitor stuck in sleep mode.

So I believe there is clearly some issue with Acer predator monitors and Asus laptop's HDMI port. Could anyone tell me what that issue could be?

Here is my laptop configuration if any one is wondering

Core i7 processor
Nvidia 1070 graphic card
32Gb RAM


Edit: Ubuntu also didn't recognized the monitor, so clearly it's the laptop.

Level 7
Anyone have any answers? Before I return my monitor, which I don't want.