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About to spend 1600 dollars. Please help! G751JT-TH71 vs. G751JT-CH71?

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First of all I dont use forums much, I did ask a similar question about this model earlier but it wasnt the same question and I need to asses my forum writing quality skills. Thank you for understanding and I wont try to hog the forum. ABout me: Avid gamer, originally from Romania, moved to United States, joined the US Army *didnt work out got out after a year and a half" had some money saved up and bought a ROG G750JM. I got it with a faulty screen sent it back and after a lot of waiting got it back working with a few other minor problems and a dead pixel. If we overlook all that it was an AMAZING LAPTOP I dont know how others dont get very playable frame rates with the 860m at ultra on all games.

Anyways long story short, returned it to AMAZON 8 months later because it was a refurbished model I got not new as advertised (Asus told me) so I have about 1500 to spend.

Found this on

Asus ROG G751JT TH71
intel i7
24gb ram (WHAAA)
gtx 970m

I cant seem to find much about them and they seem a little sketchy
The ch71 model with 16gb ram is almost near impossible to find anywhere to buy and its the same price im just a little sketched about tiger direct. It says Full Hd 1920x1080p but no ips.

So my main question is buy this (G751jt-th71 for 1499 off tigerdirect) or not trust them and wait and get for the same price the

Please guys answer quick I have done my homework tried looking in the forums theres barely anything about TH71 and G751 only the G55 or something like that. I need a 17inch with gtx970


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I found the G751JT-TH71 listed here and here. It appears identical to the G751JT-CH71, except 24GB RAM instead of 16GB RAM. (Incidentally, the GT751JT has standard laptop slots which can support 32GB maximum of DDR3L-1600 1.35V SO-DIMMs.)

The Asus G751JT page lists the -DH72 and -CH71 models, but not the -TH71. Asus is a big worldwide company with a lot of different things going on, their website people drop the ball a lot on new product announcements, so it's best to confirm with them whether a product is legit before blindly buying or dismissing it.

My experience (in Canada) is that is a reputable vendor, not any better or worse than or - I believe they're just subsidiaries of their American,, and counterparts, equivalent in every way except for local details involving shipping and taxes and currency conversion.

These ROG laptops are excellent beasts, though obviously not quite as powerful or economical as enthusiast gaming desktops. It seems (just by reading these forums) that many users quickly want to upgrade them with SSDs. And driver issues exist, at least after users nuke-and-pave the Asus-provided OS install and software. To be fair - these same issues would exist regardless which brand or model laptop is involved.

MSI has some amazing gaming laptops, too. Some more powerful (and more expensive) than the ROGs. But if you want 17" IPS with 3K resolution, twin-GPU SLI (or CrossFire), superior audio/networking, and all the rest - you can indeed have it now, all in one machine, for somewhere around $4500. And the MSI laptops have their share of problems, too. I personally think that it's a waste of money better spent on a desktop - or a car, or a house, or a casino - since no laptop will be worth running (assuming it still works) a handful of years down the road. Much more economical to buy a cheaper laptop with an okay display and plug it into a beautiful monitor (and keyboard, and mouse) when you require nice display or awesome gaming.
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Korth, first of all I would like to thank you for your very detailed response. I truly respect and appreciate that!
I know that money can buy everything (well...almost) but pretty much anything in the laptop department. I only have 1500 or 1600 and while I should know by now (I'm 25) that it can be put to better use, I would like to spoil myself and splurge on a gaming laptop. I have a desktop and hate desktops , been building them my whole life I want something "somewhat" mobile.

This is the one I'm trying to buy, pretty much same one you showed me but its a .com

I will try calling asus right now to see if it's a genuine model and if it is I will buy it.
I expect all things to have issues but not something that can't be solved, because that would void the good sales act or w e is called.
Trying to find out if that model is genuine and if it has the ips panel.
Thank you again and take care.
If you find out more plz let me know

Ps I don't like the look of Alienware and msi at all for some reason fell in love with the rog look that's why I'm giving asus another chance plus price too

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The TH71 is a Tiger Direct exclusive model.

This is not unusual. It is a genuine Asus model. They make some specific models for various retailers (like the Best Buy model as well). They come spec'd with what the retailer wants to offer.

It is basically identical to the CH71 except it has 24GB or RAM
The Panel is IPS
Like the CH71 it comes only with the 1TB HDD. Which is good because you can add an SSD later on.

BTW, Tiger Direct is a trustworthy E-etailer. They have been around quite a while and supply a lot of businesses.

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Mdzcpa thank you. I was already thinking bout taking the risk and I will. It seemsike a good deal for 1499. I will get back at you guys and let you know if jts ips/

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Hope you get the display panel you want.

But if the only differences between the models you're looking at are user-replaceable parts - RAM and drives, mostly - then you can always by the lesser unit and upgrade later. If you buy from a local shop (instead of online), you might be able to wing a deal which includes these upgrades. Especially if they happen to have a discounted refurb or open-box unit available for sale.

I try to buy tech local when I can. Problems can be taken right back to the shop, quickly, not offered as a lengthy sacrifice to appease the shipping & delivery gods. I generally place more faith in a local merchant's warranty than some distant megacorp (like Asus, lol) because I know the local merchant must actually be directly accountable to (me) the customer. No emails, no RMA support chit-chat, no confusion across helpful tiers of foreign employees whose primary job is to pass me along to somebody who knows what really happened to my stuff.

Worth considering, even worth paying a small premium, if you have the option. Of course, if you live in the boonies then Asus is just as close as anybody else, lol.
"All opinions are not equal. Some are a very great deal more robust, sophisticated and well supported in logic and argument than others." - Douglas Adams


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Ha your right and I totally agree with you. Ima be honest, Ina cheap guy, and the gaming industry is not for guys like me BUT and a big BUT that is, a am a true gamer I try to squeeze out the best deal I can afford. While I know exactly what you are talking about I always took the risk over the security of buying something "better" for a cheaper price. Take craigslist for example, I've been buying used video cards off craigslist forever and yet to have a problem. I buy a new asus off amazon, and bam, karma hits lol. So yes, while you are right, I unfortunately don't have the money to play with :(. Oh and don't. Get started with the priorities lol, just got out the army and don't have a car, but gaming is like sex to me, releases so much stress. Desktop? Yeah already got one so laptop is next. I'm in Phoenix az right now btw. Anyways thank you so much for your kind advice I will deff take some notes I like the local merchant idea sounds like a safe way to approach my buying frenzy. Take care be safe and I'll pm you one I get it. I'll either be happy or mad lol so keep ur fingers crossed for me please. Ps Anyways peace

Hi. I spent a good few sessions reading up before I parted with my money. Sure I was drawn to MSI's eye candy but when it came down to it I just didn't like the specs or the value for money. So I concentrated on what I did want out of my laptop and ended up on this forum, in this section reading all about the 571-JT and read the guys problems with drivers, screen bleed, loose keys, audio...etc. And I bought the G751-JT anyway and I had none of those problems and my 17" IPS is MAGNIFICENT. My 3 second startup from cold to desktop is AWESOME. my gaming experience is UNBELIEVEABLE and I don't care about 8.1 I changed my flip thru screens to what worked for me, you can do that with little effort. So I'm happy with my G751-JT and I reccommend you part with your money mate. Good luck.

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16GB RAM is more than sufficient for gaming, even with bloated Windows OS. 24GB is better, of course. But if price/budget is a significant factor then I would recommend spending it towards upgrading the components which will produce the most performance bottlenecks - a low-cost SSD (or two in striped RAID) would give you a lot more overall and specific performance gains than a big chunk of costly RAM which won't fill up too often. I would buy the 16GB and - if it has an empty SO-DIMM slot, and if more memory is needed - populate it later. If all the SO-DIMMs are filled then upgrading the RAM means replacing a lesser capacity SO-DIMM with a larger capacity one, which is generally not as economical.
"All opinions are not equal. Some are a very great deal more robust, sophisticated and well supported in logic and argument than others." - Douglas Adams


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Dammit Korth I bought it and that seems like good advice. I know it will be a bottleneck (hard drive ) but going to 7200 from 5400 should be a small increase right? King jake I can't wait to see the ips screen it should be here in 2 days on Friday. pffff I have no patience