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A Message to ASUS about Unnecessary Hardware in their Gaming Laptops. Please Input

Level 7
(1) Blu-ray Drive .... we can always put an external one.. I personally just download my stuff, and windows _ I just usb Iso.
(2) Card Reader... who the heck needs one of these? They have micro SD now, and anyways your camera can just connect to your computer.
(3) DVI Port...while yes it can be useful.. I have never, ever used one of these to connect a monitor.. always used a HDMI, and anyways if you really, really wanted to, you could get an adapter from HDMI to DVI
(4) Ram that is easily accessably, i.e., not under the keyboard... all though I understand cheap ram is just as good as expensive ram, other people do not.
(5) Do something with the battery. For me, I usually plug in my laptop for gaming, and when I am not gaming the battery lasts for hours... SO why the hell are people using a battery for gaming (make this a point when advertising.. I would not buy a laptop for exceptional gaming hours on battery). I am sure every gamer knows to plug in their laptop.. I mean really, where are you playing your games without a power point?
(6) Various adjustable keyboard colours.. Here you will win people over who have depression, and well, yeh it makes your laptop a little more interesting.
(7) Having the best GPU is not everything, and we understand the cost involved.. but perhaps you could work something out with a detachable gpu that is running around in the market instead on a soldered on board one.

I have G751J - the overweight laptop... but I love it... CHeers.

Level 7
It's a 17 inch little powerhouse I can play witcher on high settings on it. As opposed to a full-scale desktop PC NO COMPLAINTS! SA

Level 11
This is all highly subjective and there are other makes and models that address most of this. If it is that import vote with your money.

1) I don't want even more stuff hanging off my PC making it cumbersome and I like the BR-W for archival of data I'm on my 3rd 100 disk spool of DL media.
2) Again cumbersome, many cables are proprietary much easier to jab it into your system.
3) I guess you mean VGA port, nice if you use a projector and for general compatibility, but would rather another DP / Thunderbolt personally.
4) It could be easier, but it isn't that bad. There are a lot of screws and plastic tabs, but the G751 is pretty easy to work on compared to many others.
5) You want a company to advertise a negative... interesting.
6) Personally meh, I like the more subdued look.
7) Exist on the market, and again cumbersome.

Sounds like you want Asus to be another Dell.

Just pointing out there multiple views aside from yours, and yours is accommodated by other manufacturers, Dell (Alienware) and Razor make devices like you want.

Level 7
I agree with OP,

I love my G751 ....I never used my card reader...ever
Never will use my VGA port, only HDMI/Thunderbolt....personally if you wanna use a projector you bought the wrong kinda laptop O.o...I would feel a tard walking into a class or business meetings with my G751 , placing this massive/heavy laptop down and be like...Morning everyone, lets use the projector ..

Ram is pretty easy to change on G751 so i wont complain there.
Never used my a ps4 for that.
Woulda liked to change the LED colors on my KB or at least make them brighter then the stock brightness.

Bottom line is "Rog" Republic of Gamers is a gaming laptop....and i agree with most points, they should focus on gaming...not utility.
I got my RoG for it's 4870 and GTX 980M....Thats all....and the mobility that if I wanna go to lan's i can just pick it up and go...but i guess others use it for projectors O.o

Vythica wrote:

Bottom line is "Rog" Republic of Gamers is a gaming laptop....and i agree with most points, they should focus on gaming...not utility.
I got my RoG for it's 4870 and GTX 980M....Thats all....and the mobility that if I wanna go to lan's i can just pick it up and go...but i guess others use it for projectors O.o

See here's the thing... Gamers have to go to work/school just like everyone else (unless you're a League of Legends professional LCS player or streamer - you know, the 0.01%).

Some people want ONE laptop. So they can connect to the projector or use the card reader at work/school, and then take it to the LAN party after they're done.


molokow wrote:

I do it almost daily. A friend of mine even brings his keyboard with him.

Level 8
I agree. G751 Has a Non-Community Friendly Design and It lacks removable battery and removable Graphic Chip
Idk why would they stick the GPU to the motherboard. Besides that no complain.

But if MSI gets an IPS Screen after like 2-3 years I think I will switch to MSI.
Because they got a far better design. Just Bad screen and bad cooling but I heard they are improving with 990m.

Level 10
(1) They can't do anything else withthe space in this form factor and still have a single GPU, which is a design philosophy with these notebooks.
Also, it's based on user feedback, many people will still us eoptical media for whatever reason.
(2) You'd be surprised how many SD cards one person can have. A lot of video/photo professionals prefer to handle their 15+ 64GB+ SD cards directly...not by having to put them in a device to read off of them.
(3) There is no DVI port on the's a VGA D-SUB port, a standard that's been used since the 90s and is still widely used today and is useful in presentation work.
(4) Memory is not user-accessible by design - you're not supposed to touch the memory under the keyboard for it voids your warranty - or it would if they had any way to check for it. I don't know WHY notebook manufacturers do it - but they probably want you to get a 16GB min model, cause, you know, it gets them more money - that and they probably physically can't fit all 4 slots on the underside due to other restrictions. Come to think of it I don't think I've ever seen a notebook with all 4 slots on one side.
(5) Why is the battery a problem? It doesn't generate any extra heat, it's inside a metal-covered enclosure and if you discharge it every 1-2 month it'll last the life of the machine.
(6) Honestly, the keyboard lights are a price issue - a lot of people preferred the G750's classier white LEDs...but this is really nitpicking.
(7) Why would you want a removeable GPU? It requires more space to fit, runs hotter because of the connected cooling issues and it costs a fortune to change. Why would you want to upgrade a half-compatible GPU down the road in a laptop when they'll cost $800-$1000? At that point, you need a new computer. If you think you actually need a GPU upgrade in a gaming laptop - by the time that actually happens, everything else that's in the laptop would have become obsolete, as well.

@Nader I don't see how the 990m could improve anything considering the much higher power draw - if anything, it'll run even hotter. Unless MSI figures out the cooling and only ever runs it single cause apparently their SLI setups are a nightmare to deal with.

Level 8
Well at the very end I am not upgrading until NVidia creates far better GPUS I heard its called Pascal Mobile GPU.
Main complains still stands unremovable 4 cells battery is not a good decision. Upgradable GPU is not much of a problem since the GPU is already powerful for Ultra/High Setting in G751 Until 3-4 Years to come even more on Medium/Low I believe (No thing in the market now is really challenging the GPU, Watchdog Runs between 38-50 Frames on my laptop at Ultra Every thing and Witchers runs at 40-50 FPS While Far Cry varies from 55-80 FPS).

Asus Wins IPS 1080P Panels One of best displays in the market and fantastic cooling
MSI Wins upgradable GPU idk if that matters any ways.

ASUS Would win the hearts of MSI Users if they offered upgradable GPU/switchable Battery 6 cells and changed the bulky design they have which is Nice but not that nice for non-gaming. MSI would win the hearts of Asus Users if they offer IPS Display instead of their blue tinted one that requires A LOT of Calibration to get it right.

I rather live with a bulky design unremovable battery than an unsharp TN Panel, at least I would barley notice both Asus Issues while MSI has those permanent issue.

Don't get me Wrong ASUS is the BEST Gaming Laptop Maker Period. No Bugs at all, its just battery and design is the issue.