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A few G751JY questions

Level 7
Hello, I recently just replaced my old G73 for a G751JY a few days ago. The thing is an animal but I have a few concerns as far as Cpu temps are
concerned. While questing around in WoW I've noticed my Cpu to run great at around 74+/- a couple degrees and the gpu stays below 70. BUT
While playing Crysis 3 my cpu ran up to a peak of 91c after an hour or so of game play while the gpu again stays at a cool 70 ish.

1. Is this normal/safe?

2. At what point will cpu throttling begin

I have been researching for hours but have not found any solid answers yet. Also I am running BIOS 204 and have ran prime 95 and intel burn
Both never reaching above 75c. If there is anything anyone knows that I don't I would appreciate it.

Level 7
Mitchelrsmith wrote:

2. At what point will cpu throttling begin

From what I've read here, 92 degrees is where the throttling starts.