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19.3 v power trace runs to where on G73Sw

Level 7
Someone way smarter than me must have an idea where the power trace runs to on the MB.

Trying to fix a friends G73SW which had a broken power connector that he had his girlfriend resolder onto the MB. They removed the copper jacket that the rear power pin of the connector goes thru to the traces in the motherboard. My problem is that they reamed out the hole in the motherboard for that rear pin and now when the new connector goes thru the hole and touches any side of the hole it shorts out the power pack. A ground must be getting to the inside of the hole for the rear pin of the connector and a continuity test confirms it. He can't afford a new motherboard so I'd like to figure out where the power trace runs to from the rear pin of the connector and maybe solder a wire directly to it from the rear pin, thus bypassing the motherboard trace which are messed up. Does anyone know where the trace runs from the connector to what component on the MB?
I know I'm asking a lot but I'm unable to get schematic for this board to see if it's even possible.
Many thanks...