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1.35V memory required in G751/G771/G551s (same as G750)

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Please note we fit 1.35V memory into the G751s (and G750s). Haswell CPUs require this and using 1.5V memory can sometimes cause problems along the lines of:
> Overheating
> Damage to the CPU IMC (due to the increased potential difference)
> Greater battery use than our stated values.

There is more discussion and recommendations of memory to use in this thread, as both G750 and G751's use the same Intel 4th Gen 'Haswell' processors:!
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premierpark wrote:
I'm planning to upgrade my G751JY notebook memory to 16GB.
Now there is a Hynix HMT41GS6BFR8A-PB memory in the laptop. In my country the same memory module is not avaible.
What do you think Crucial CT102464BF160B works perfectly with the HMT41GS6BFR8A-PB? Is the dual channel will work?

Any other reccomendation? 🙂

Thank you

Had the same memories. They should work just fine together.

I am bumping this old thread (noone using G751 anymore?)

Just recently bought 2 new RAM sticks of 8GB each, after much research.
In my machine, there is 1x8GB already installed, the Samsung M471B1G73DB0-YK0 - I bought two new ones of the exact same model.

Grounded myself after having turned off and unplugged. Simply opened up the back and found two empty slots. Kept grounded all the time.

Very easy to install, click and it was done. Put cover back and started up - black screen. Can hear the CPU but no keyboard light and only black screen.

I repeated safety routine and then removed one of the sticks. Tried to start again, same thing - black screen.

Repeated safety routine and then removed the second of my new RAMs, making it back to original - then it started fine.

What is the problem here?? Was looking forward to having a faster machine....Appreciate any help, thanks!