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Z13 not charging through XG Mobile port

Level 8

Hi All

My Z13 isn't charging through the XG mobile port, strange thing is that if I plug the charger into a USB C dongle with power pass through then plug the dongle in to the XG mobile USB C port it charges fine, the problem also effects using the XG Mobile eGPU GC31 3080. When I have the eGPU plugged in I get a pop up saying "on battery", if I then plug the official charger in to the top USB C port it then charges and I get full performance but as I understand it Asus advises against doing this. Anyone got any ideas or a fix, obviously the XG mobile USB C port is working otherwise it wouldn't charge when the charger is plugged in to a dongle with power pass through?





Level 7

I got the same problems - it's happened recent after jan AC update

Level 7

I have the same problem.   

Level 7

Asus support suggest this:
- Pulse powerbutton for 60 seconds.
- Disconnect power and peripherals.
- Pulse the power button for 40 seconds.
- Connect power again
- and then turn on your computer.


What do you mean Pulse Power Button, do you "push" power button?




Im sorry, yes, push and hold the power button for 60 seconds, then unplug power source and peripherals and push and hold the power button other 40 seconds...

Thanks but it didn't work for me, plus when I connect my  ROG XG Mobile my laptop becomes so slow and lags. 

I connected the XG Mobile and charger, pushed 60 sec, disconnected the XG and charger, pushed another 40 sec, connected XG Mobile this time and  turned on the computer but the system went to "preparing for repair" and "Diagnosing your PC" mode when it was coming up. Then I got a blue screen that I need to restart because the computer wasn't turned on properly

Strange, every 20 seconds mine switches between charging and not charging. 

Seems to be working now. I installed the asus update, unplugged the hdmi, and restarted.

Level 7

Sorry for those who did not work. Mine is a RogZ13 GZ301ZC.
Did you downloaded MyAsus from Windows Store? There are some updates there too!