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Z13 Dock enabling 100w PD and Turbo Mode

Level 7

Anybody out there with a working solution for a dock/hub allowing for full 100w PD passthrough from the original power brick (enabling "Turbo Mode" in Amory Crate)

Not super important if it is USB-C/TB3/TB4 - as long as it works (and at this point I do not care about the cost - would even go xG mobile if the RTX version was in stock)

Seems super stupid not to allow any and all 100w chargers to work.

I need the second USB-C (under the xG cover) for dp Alt Mode/G-SYNC. Therefore the TB4 port gets occupied by the PSU (waste waste)

The "ASUS SimPro Dock 2" could be an option (as it reportedly can deliver 120w over PD) - but it is not verified as compatible by Asus (arghhhh). Persistent attempts to get any form of "more than what you can read on the net" support from local Asus tech support has been futile and painful :mad:

Any help or input much appreciated


Level 8
Any USB-C hub takes power itself, so if you plug the 100w charger in, it's never 100w at the device anymore.

Even a little StarTech Displayport USB-C adapter thing will trigger the message 'unsupported charger'. While I can plug that dongle _passively_ into the other USB-C port (and the charger in the top one) and then it's fine.

So the only _chance_ you have, is to use a proper _Thunderbolt_ dock (not usb-c hub) that has it's own power supply of _more_ than 100watts, and says it's then able to supply 100w through USB-C PD. Hint, the power supply for the dock must _not_ be another USB-C style charger, it'll never work then. It must be a proper, separate power supply that powers the entire dock, and gives the dock enough power to act as power supply for your device.

Thunderbolt docks are not cheap :(.

PS: Turbo mode isn't really needed to perform well, I can game _fine_ with it set to balanced. But if there isn't enough power coming in to keep the device charged, at some time the battery level will drop so low to cause the internal power profiles to change (around 50% and around 25% I believe), and the device will not run as fast no matter what your Windows settings are.

So I can game on a 65watt charger quite well for hours, but eventually the performance will suddenly collapse because the battery level is too low.
I can game much longer with the official charger through a USB-C hub (even if I do get the 'unsupported PD' message). And if I really want to go all out (and enable 'turbo' mode) I just plug the dongle in the lower usb-c port and the charger in the top one.