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XG mobile Connector Issue. Bricked

Level 7

Hi All, I have a 2021 X13 with a 3080 XG mobile. Unfortunately I have had the known issue with the XG mobile connector getting stuck in the socket and force being required to remove and subsequently replug in. Since removing the connector the XG mobile refuses to connect. The LED on the XG mobile flashes red once when power is applied but no fan starts. I get no LED on the connector itself. The laptop reports the XG mobile is not properly connected and to check connections. I have sent the laptop and XG mobile to the UK ASU’s repair centre and (after one day of diagnosing) they have asked for £2500 odd for a new main board and connector cable. Is this really the only answer to what is obviously a faulty design an known issue with this model? The laptop itself works fine and I cannot see any damage to the connector or socket (except the pins on the side but they don’t carry data. Is there any recourse to ASUS? This is a 2.5 year old laptop which cost almost £3000 new and a dodgy designed connector has broken it.

Any advise from people who have had similar issues is greatly appreciated.