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X13 Trackpad Issues - GV302XA-X13.R9512

Level 7

I bought an ASUS ROG Flow X13 Model: GV302XA-X13.R9512 several months ago.   Everything about the laptop has been great and I really like the large trackpad.   However, I've noticed from the time I got it to the time of this post that I have had odd quirks and intermittent issues with the trackpad.   Many times it won't detect when I've single-tapped and a few times while I was moving the cursor with a single finger it would randomly start scrolling the page like I was using the two finger gesture.    I'm guessing all these issues are driver related.   I tried uninstalling the drivers and searching for alternate drivers to see if any of that would fix it.    I also tried switching the senstivitiy from low to high and everything in between (which honestly doesn't seem to make any noticable difference).   Nothing I've done has resolved this issue.    If not for this one annoying issue, this laptop would be an absolute joy to use, but as it stands, the trackpad issue is a major point of aggravation.

I reached out to ASUS support which is a joke because they recommend I wipe all my data and reset the computer back to factory defaults.

Any more reasonable suggestions?