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X13 Screen and Integrated Graphics Not Working After Reboot WIthout Detaching XG Mobile

Level 7

I bought the X13 + XG Mobile bundle (2022 model, 6900HS, 6850M XT) a few days ago as it's on sale in my country. I updated all the drivers and firmware via Armory Crate. As I mainly use this setup as my desktop replacement, I attach it to the XG Mobile most of the time.

However, I find that if I keep it attached to the XG Mobile and reboot, the built-in screen will not work. The 6850M XT and the external screen are working without any issues tho. I checked the device manager, and it showed the AMD Radeon Graphics (the integrated one) was not working properly with error code 43, and the built-in screen did not even show up under the Monitors category.

It could be resolved by detaching the XG mobile, followed by a reboot.

Now I have to detach the XG Mobile everytime before I shut it down, and reattach when I boot it up, which is quite a hassle to me.

Does anyone have the same issue? How could I get rid of it?

Thank you.