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X 16 does not boot.

Level 7

I have a 2023 X16 4060

I just installed a 4tb 990, cloned the OEM M.2 with EaseUS Disk copy and everything seemed good. Cleaned the OEM drive and set it as a D drive. Seemed fine, ran the laptop for about a hour to finish some work and went to restart it and now it will not boot. 

PC starts up to recovery mode and only option that works is ESC for UEFI settings which brings up Bios but only shows the 990 for boot options. Ive made a Windows 11 install USB but I cant get the system to see the USB as a boot option. Removing all the drives but the USB does nothing and it didnt even want to boot to Bios at first but after a few tries I all I got was no boot options. 

I tried the Cloud recovery through bios and it goes through and when it says press conform to continue it doesn't respond.

I'm ok with a fresh install, but Would love to know how to install or repair windows with A usb.