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Very glitchy TB4 port on '22 Z13, is this common? Fixes?

Level 7

I recently got a 3050 i7 Z13 on ebay in "exc/like new condition," and I've found the TB4 port (the "usb-c" not in the XGM area) to be glitchy af. I'm wondering if this is common with this model, or if I got a fluke, or if there might be any driver/bios fixes that won't take hours to figure out and fix.

First issue was that connecting an external monitor (27" 1440p 144hz, set at 60hz) with a DP cable to that port would work fine for a little while, then would flash bands of static, then monitor screen would start turning on and off. Even reinstalled windows to no avail, still an issue even though it sometimes works fine for hours the problem always comes back. Second issue was that it doesn't want to recognize my Apollo Twin X TB3 audio interface. It did recognize it once which allowed me to install the software/drivers, but now it won't recognize it again despite trying three different TB3 cables in various configurations.

The same monitor and DP cable, as well as Apollo Twin X and TB3 cable, both work fine with no issues on both my older Dell Latitude 7200 2-in-1 and a new Zenbook 14x OLED. I really like the Z13 concept and was hoping it could be my daily driver, but I can't deal with a glitchy port. Also fwiw I know I could connect the DP to the lower XGM port, but I don't want to use the extra 10-15 watts to run the 3050 when I'm doing day to day office work


Level 7

Hi there,

I’ve had similar issue with Z13 and noticed the problem could be not enough power supplied to the TB port.

My work around was to use a TB dock that has independent power supply to connect my monitor and external drives.

I use both Kensington SD5700T and Razer TB4 dock with no problems at all.

SD5700 has minor coil whine so be aware if you choose to purchase it.

Another work around I found was to use a monitor with TB port that has charging function to the laptop.

But I must say that I did not experience issue with USB - DP issues, but only to external devices such as drive.

I now have purchased XG mobile 4090, which I connect it with monitor, and still using Kensington SD5700 through Z13 TB port, and only using it with external devices. I did encounter bandwidth issues with 3 external SSD, mouse, keyboard, Ethernet connecting through it SD5700. A work around was to connect a USB dock through one of the TB port of SD5700 so not all 3 TB port of SD5700 are being used, and instead only one TB port been used for all other devices through the USB Hub.

Another important thing for you to know that both the XGM usb port and TB port can be used with the original charger and provides Turbo mode.

Lastly, I would use genuine Asus drivers, not intel or nvidia, the version from ASUS are older, but I noticed running the intel and nvidia drivers has caused me issues.