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Unable to connect XG Mobile 4090 to Flow X16.

Level 7

Recently just managed to get my hands on a XG Mobile 4090 and successfully connected it to my ROG Ally without any issue but when I try to connect it to my Flow X16 there's no white light coming on the connector and the only message coming up occasionally on Armory Crate is "it appears your xg mobile is not properly connected preventing access to the device".

Tried reinstalling Armory Crate and using an Older Bios but still no luck, only thing left is an OS reinstall but has anyone else encountered this issue?

When I turn on the Ally the white light comes on on the XG connector but there's nothing showing up on the Flow so if software isn't the issue I'm suspecting the connector is defective but don't wish to return the laptop for a new one unless there's no other option.