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[SOLVED] Flow X13 GV301QE - Battery Drain after Bios Update to 412 and Windows Update

Level 8
Hi guys,

i have very fast battery drain after an update to Bios V. 412 and i think its because the Windows Update too ( Servicing Stack 10.0.19041.1790 ). I dont really know if its because of Windows Update too, its only my thoughts. It is also possible thats because of Firmware Update from MyAsus. What i surely know is that my machine did a Bios Update and after that i had a very fast battery drain. But its not the only one , there is something in combination with this update which makes this battery drain whether its the Windows Update or the Firmware Update from MyAsus.

My battery duration before this two updates was at something about 6 - 10 hours with Nvidia graphics deactivated but now its something about 2 hours.
I downgraded my Bios to 409 and its now up to 3 h duration, but its not as good as before the update.

Is there somebody with the same issue ? If yes or generally what can i do to setup my battery drain again to 6 - 10 hours ?

Thank you guys...

Level 8
Has no one the same issue here and can help me out ? I dont really want to recover my system...

Unfortunately, since no one in the community could help me with my problem, I had to reset it to the first state where i bought it.
While I'm at it, I tried a few things to figure out what was causing the battery drain. I actually reset the machine 4-5 times for this 😄

I found out that the bios update is not the blame, feel free to update to version 412 here.
Only the last Windows update and the last updates via MyAsus cause the fast battery drain.

That's why I turned off "Windows Update" via msconfig and services.msc, so Windows can no longer make an update until this problem is fixed on the part of Windows and i also turned off the Updates in the MyAsus App under Settings.

The only problem I have is that Armoury Crate cant be really installed, because it wants to install "peripharel components" on every reboot of the system and doesn't really turn on, but that doesn't bother me because I can still set the performance to "Silent" via the shortcut on the keyboard.

If I now set the performance to "Silent" and deactivate the Nvidia 3050 Ti via the device manager, I have a really cool battery life.

Here are a few screenshots ( The language is here in German but you can see the numbers after the battery percentage so you know what thats mean ) :

Here you can see my battery life at the beginning, before i used it

And here you can see it after i used it ( the usage here is not gaming, its office tasks so browsing in web, coding, checking emails and so on ) for 4 hours without power cable, it still shows me 8 hours and 44 Minutes Battery Life. Thats huge !

Additional info maybe, i dont hear any of the fans here, also not in Chrome which has a huge ram usage. The notebook is not warm its very cool, its very quit.
I give this info because the last updates which causes the problem there were the fans very loud and the notebook gets very warm even if you did nothing and the usage of cpu and gpus was near by 0 % .

I hope i can help other person in this community, who has the same problems with this very expensive and very cool piece of hardware.


Here again i have two Screenshots, cause i am still testing the battery.
I've been using my Flow X13 for 11 hours now without charging it and its still says i can use it for additionally 2 hours. Thats insane and mindblowing!!!



Hi guys,

i have new information for you all with my battery testing and fresh install stuff.

After i fresh installed my system now for 10 or 15 times haha 😄 i realized everytime the battery duration shrinks after the first restart the system right after the fresh install. Before restart it is 10 hours battery duration ( fresh install and nvidia card deactivated in device manager) shown and after the first restart it is only 1.30 hours ever

So i decided to search it what causing this issue. Everytime i thought, thats the bloatware on the notebook and its hidden updating something. i was so angry everytime i did a fresh install ( thats why i reached 10-15 times fresh install ) and searched again from scratch.

i deactivated everything, the Asus Update tasks in taskplanner, Windows Update services, Bios Update Downgrade and lots of things. Nothing worked! The battery duration was shrinked after the first restart right after the fresh install.

Than i had a plan, i thought about how i get it work that the battery duration show me a time round about 10 hours. What i did for that ?

1) i set the notebook performance to silent from armoury crate
2) i set the battery to energy saving
3) i deactivated Nvidia Geforce RTX 3050 Ti from Device Manager

This three points let me work for more than 10 hours with my notebook.

After lots of tries with bloatware and updates and bios i realized, if i restart my notebook the nvidia card gets very hot, but it is deactivated within device manager. Its not possible and dont make sense, i thought.

But the truth is guys, the nvidia card gets activated on every ****ing restart or after awaking from energy saving mode or hibernate, even if your device manager shows you that your card is deactivated its not. The fans are working because the nvidia card gets warm, thats why the battery duration shows less than 2 hours left battery.

i tested it out, i activated manually the card again and deactivated it again. The fans stopped working and the battery duration was over 10 hours again.

So forget, what i said at the beginning of the post. Its not the bloatware, its not the windows update, its not the bios. It is only because of the nvidia card. You see within device manager its deactivated but its not, its activate and its working. The Bios activates it on every restart, hibernate or awakening from energy saving mode. The problem is, i have not a setting in my bios to get the graphic card deactivated even not on advanced mode. Maybe i have old firmware something dont know. What i will do is, i will write script where the nvidia card gets activated and deactivated again on every restart or hibernate

Hope, i can help somebody with these informations...

Has somebody any idea why the nvidia card gets activated on every restart maybe ?

Thanks @HaShLo you did a lot of work there.

Right now im having the same issue, my rog flow is the one with a gtx1650, at the beginning i though that my battery drainnage started because im working now with an external monitor (which didnt make much sense cuz it have its own power cable), not sure now if it could be laptop's power supply as I use it always connected, it still show me my battery is low but connected lol.

Ps: i dont use heavy apps nor gaming, only some coding, music or yt in the background, chat apps like discord/telegram, etc though always connected to energy, battery or power supply seems that cant handle it.

Dude you are a live saver and a freaking  genius! Asus should hire you.😘.

Level 7

Great info, thank you so much @HaShLo !

Level 8

Hello hashlo,

I'm using flow x13 with rtx 1650 (2021 build)

Have you ever notice when you enter bios, and doing nothing, and then ur comp temp get heat up ?

So, any solution for this?