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Should I buy ROG Flow x13 2024?

Level 7

Hello, as the title says, I am wondering if I should buy the x13 2024 version with the 4k display and XG Mobile RX6850M XT.

I'm going to college in october and I want to give up on paper and focus on writing using the laptop, since it is 2 in 1. I also want the power for gaming the external gpu has to offer and it seems for me that the x13 is the only choice.

Can you guys please help me decide if buying this laptop would be a smart choice?

Thank you very much for reading.


Level 7

Hi! I have an original x13 (2021) with the 4k screen. I also have an ROG Ally, and the XG Mobile has been revolutionary for me. So much so, I sold my desktop pc. I don’t believe there is an X13 announced for this year, so I assume you are referring to the 2023 version. Mine has been great, but my 4K screen has been atrocious on battery life. Also, for some reason, the cpu stays locked in a high tdp configuration. This seems to be an issue with the first gen x13s. Starting from 2022, this has been resolved I believe. My advice: get an 2023 x13 on a deal with a 3050ti or 4060 in it, with a 1440p screen if you will use the laptop stand alone mostly, or save even more money and get a 1080p version if you will use it docked with an external monitor more. Good luck!