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Rog flow z13 (gz301ze) Battery issues

Level 7

Purchased the device around August in 2022, after 2 to 3 months, the battery became really weird. Took the fully charged device out once, and battery got emptied in 2 hours. After that, I never really took the device out again and always have it plugged in. Even so, it still had issues when plugged in, especially with the armory crate. When performance mode is turned on battery will start to drain, and comes down to about 9% in just 2 hours, then the device becomes inoperable at low battery level, frame drop + delayed inputs. However, when i switch back to windows mode and close armory crate, the device is charging fine again. Additionally, the ultimate mode also has issues, when its turned on, i experience high in game pings, and its gone when i don't have the ultimate mode on. I contacted online support and updated the BIOS as were told but nothing was changed. Also ran both windows and asus diagnostic check and found no issues, not sure if this is software or hardware issues, or both that's causing it. Anyone else experiencing battery issues with this particular model?