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Rog Flow X16 (GV601RW) Keyboard Issue

Level 7

Hello. Recently my Flow X16 updated the BIOS to 314. It looks like whatever has happened during this update has broken the keyboard. It fails to work for about 15-20 minutes after powering on but works fine thereafter.

I've tried to uninstall drivers and re install. I've tried to do a reset, I've also tried to redo the BIOS upgrade using EZ flash and also tried disconnecting the battery for 10-15 mins and reconnecting. When I disconnect the battery then reconnect upon power up the keyboard will work straight away but if I then shut down as normal and power back up it does not work again and I need to wait. During this time I don't see the device appearing in device manager either. I have no idea what to do, does anyone have any suggestions? I bought this brand new in December of 2022 so it's only around 8 months old. Spent a lot of money on it so to say I'm gutted about this is an understatement. It's been one of my first Asus products, I really don't want to send back for warranty if I can help it. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!