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Rog Flow x16 Blue Screens on Start Up and Freezes during gaming - no WHEA errors.

Level 7

This is now my 3rd flow x16 (I have exchanged the unit twice). My previous units both suffered from the issue with 1000's of WHEA errors causing device instability that I thought was causing issues with bsods and freezing. 

On my current unit, despite working flawlessly for 12 days has started giving me BSODs semi-consistently when I power the device on from sleep. I also will occasionally get full device freezes when I am playing League of Legends(this same exact freezing issue is why I returned the 2nd unit), where I have to physically restart the device.

I have 0 WHEA errors on this unit and my device is fully update, windows, bios, drivers, you name it. Frankly I am at a loss of what to do with this product, this is beyond frustrating.

Anyone have advice?