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ROG Flow X13 (2023, RTX 4070) G-Sync with external Monitor

Level 7

Hi everyone

I'm not able to get G-Sync working with my ROG Flow X13 (2023, RTX 4070) and AOC AG271QG Monitor (supports G-Sync). I bought a USB-C to DisplayPort Cable ( which should support G-Sync as well but so far I was not able to get it working. I have tried all kinds of GPU-Modes, frame rates (60Hz, 144Hz, 165Hz) and both USB-C Ports without success. If I go to the G-Sync Settings of the NVIDIA Control Panel only the internal display is showing up. I'm starting to believe that G-Sync is not supported on external Monitors on the latest ROG Flow X13 (2023) which really is a shame. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks.

Best regards


Level 8

If you look at an image of what ports support which technologies the USB C port that is a part of where the external GPU (XG Mobile) connects to that is listed as having G-Sync.

(scroll to almost the bottom of the page and you'll see an image that shows the sides of the system, and has port feature listings.)

Level 7

The usb c ports both seem to be connected directly to the 780M, not the Nvidia GPU(Regardless of mux setting). If your display also supports adaptive sync/ freesync then you should be able to enable it in the radeon control panel. The HDMI 2.1 port is connected directly to the 4070 though.