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Rog Flow X13 (2022 vs 2023) keyboard lag

Level 7

I was the happy and unfortunate owner of an X13 (2022). 6 months of happiness followed by 6 months of nightmare. From April I was affected by the lagging keyboard problem. my PC made 5 trips to the workshop. Asus is unable to reproduce the problem and sends it back to me in good condition each time. After 6 months I finally got my PC refunded. (especially since by dint of going back and forth after sales service he had taken a hit in the border of the screen).

Now I have 3 possibilities:
- I buy the same Ryzen 7 + RTX 3050 +32GB (GV301RC)?
- I buy the new Ryzen 9 + RTX 4050 + 16GB (GV302) model?
- am I going to the competition?

Unfortunately this little rog flow X13 is the PC that best meets my needs (the Ryzen 7 and 32GB of RAM was perfect).

So first question, have some people encountered the problem of a lagging keyboard and if so have you solved it? I thought I saw it came from armory create? Can anyone confirm this for me?

How is the reliability of the 2023 model?