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Power button not responding since taking apart and using duster

Level 7

Recently I took off the bottom case of my FlowX13 in order to and cleaned it out with air duster. Some of it came out as liquid, but i based on what i thought, it would be ok,

For example, something I read stated said, “The compressed gas that is used for cooling and can be liquid under some when the can sprays tipped over, is not conductive, and quickly evaporates. That means you held the duster upside down. No, it doesn't do anything bad to your hardware, you just need to wait a bit until all of it evaporates.”

I sprayed the duster pretty much all over the circuit board, because it was very dusty and i was being dumb, and after I put it together everything worked fine except the power button, which is completely unresponsive.

I am unsure what I should do, and how big of an issue this is. Should I take it to a support center, try to fix it myself, or send to Asus (i have a warranty), or something else?