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no wifi on task panel..

Level 7

asus support hung up on me but it’s finals season so i need my laptop to be working with wifi tonight. rog flow x13 user here and i’ve had my laptop for just over a year. the whole day my laptop was working fine but i put it to sleep once and the fans started going crazy so i unplugged it from the charger and forced it to turn on. when it finally turned on there was no wifi button on the task panel. i watched some youtube videos on what to do and ended up finding the ‘Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter as a hidden device. the same thing happened to my webcam just 2 days ago where i had to uninstall the webcam device then scan for hardware changes and it appeared again after that. youtube video told me to do the same thing so i uninstalled the wifi adapter and scanned for hardware changes but it won’t pop back up. i know that might’ve been stupid but now i don’t know what to do because asus support is closed and i need my laptop for finals ASAP. please help.



Hello frata

You could do a system restore or try reinstalling the Media Tek WLAN Driver.

Click the link below, under Networking click "Show all" in red.

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Media Tek.png