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NEW BIOS: 306 for Asus ROG Flow Z13 2023 (GZ301VU)

Level 8

Asus released a new BIOS version 306 yesterday. Anybody had any issues after updating?

I updated the bios with the windows setup exe. file and it went smoothly, however I saw some weird text at some point...I think it was "SUN" and "MON" before the update started...but it went quickly and without my intervention. Checking in device manager the version in now 306 and without any issues.

Anybody experience something similar?



Try holding the power button for like a minute at least and have everything disconnnected (ac power supply and usb devices)

I held it for 40 seconds , the. trired draining the battery as well , removed sad then tried holding for 60 seconds reconnected the ac still blank. I'm super worried.

Oh sounds bad..hope that thing will work again, without the need to be repaired

Same thing happened to me! Did you get a resolution?

It’s the game issue, they (EA) released an update and apparently it fixed the problem, there is nothing wrong with the device or windows update/settings or the bios

Level 8

when they fix it first thing to do is permanently block bios updates 

Level 8

@Nielo360 Sorry iam German and english is not relay my language and the translation with EDGE is tricky. XD

What do your Flow Z13, when you tun power on?

In to the Bios you came only with the original TypeCover Keyboard and F2! Only Asus know, how USB-Devices are deaktivatet at boot. When your Flow Z13 hang on illuminated BlackScrren after power On, your bios is freeze or destroyd. At that Point you must be use your Garantie Service. 

When I power On my z13 

No light indicator , only keyboard lights up and fans run

When I put the charger and turn on z13,  power indicator and keyboard lights up and fan runs

screen is always black does not power on

Holding F2 on orignal type cover + power on ... screen stays black 

holding F2 with usb stick and bios file   screen stays black

Im not able to find any solution. I contacted support they say they will send a technician.  Its been 2 days nobody has come or called back. 

Level 8

UPDATE !!!!   UPDATE !!!!

I have returned the Z13 because the fans suddenly started to run randomly too fast, extremely fast resulting in freezing (BIOS 306). This is unacceptable on a new computer.

The seller gave me a new Z13 in a sealed package and this time the OOB (out of box) experience was much better. The Windows updates went smoothly and fast (only approx. 10 updates) and the BIOS update to 306 didn't have any weird text. I can feel that this unit is clearly more snappier and even the touchpad seems a bit smoother and faster. I suspect my earlier unit was faulty.

Amazing battery life, WIFI on and Youtube video playing full screen for around 9 hours!!!  This was with default settings. 

I urge anybody who have a problem to return the laptop and get a new Z13. The out of box experience should be fast and smooth with approx only 10 Windows updates!!! My Z13 also uses only 29% RAM when idle, even if all the software and apps are installed!!!

Much better than my first faulty unit!!

They don't give replacements mine is around 18 days old they only offered repair for the bios brick.. I am trying to request for someone senior. This is a really bad situation how cud I possibly know that an official bios can brick my brand  new tablet. How can a customer trust after spending 3k  and being brushed off in 2 weeks. My rma id is INF8R60661  if anyone from Asus can help.