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My Bluetooth starts to malfunction after using it for couple of hours [ROG Flow X-13]

Level 7

My Device: ROG Flow X13 (2022) GV301RC-LJ132WS

The Bluetooth starts to repeatedly disconnect and reconnect after using the device for more than 2 or 3 hours. I use the same accessories with other devices and they work fine. This gets fixed after a restart but starts to do it again after some times.
This is really ANNOYING!!!
Sometimes the keystroke registration doesn't happen in  a second or two and when recognizes it inputs it multiple times. Even the touchpad malfunctions at times.
Do you think this is a driver issue?
Did anyone else have had this issue and got it fixed?
Please help me fix this, or should I contact the service?

P.S. I couldn't link to the product with # or with the Associated Products textbox, whenever I search for Flow X13, ROG Flow X13 or with the Model name it shows "No matches"