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HELP! Asus flow z13 armoury crate problem [Resolved]

Level 8
After doing a fresh install and installing all the drivers from asus website, I don't have any setting in manual fan mode and also missing drm legacy compatibility toggle. Any idea what I could do? I no longer have the esupport folder. Every drivers available from asus website and myasushave been installed and bios is up-to-date.

***** EDIT: after requesting the esupport folder and receiver no help from asus, I requested the help of asustreiber and they managed to help me out. the flow z13 esupport folder can be found on if someone need it! ****

Level 7
I just got the Z13 and find it amazing. However I did not like that it did a huge windows update at start and made a ton of updates of drivers, windows update files, MyAsus and Armory crate to a total of 70GB so I was thinking about doing a clean install. What did you need from the E-support folder?

Edit: Windows installation did not find the harddrive. Did you need any additional drivers during installation?

Edit 2: I did find it in eSupport I think it was eDriver\Software\Driver\DCH\Offline\Rapid Storage\,
however during install after first reboot it booted form the USB again so I needed to remove the USB stick for the installation to continue.
I have had some occasional freezing when it is in sleep. Needed to hold the power button to make a forced shutdown. Do you experience this?