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Flow X16 with xg mobile 3080

Level 7
I own Z13 and X16 flow tablet and notebook. While using the XG Mobile (3080) with the Z13 everything works as expected. But when the Xg Mobile (3080) is attached to X16 it will randonly cycle through Silent, Performance, Turbo modes over and over. The Red light does not turn off when it randomly cycles through power modes. At times the X16 will state there is a unrecongized USB device attached in the device manager, if i detach the XG Mobile the unrecongized USB device disappears in device manager. X16 is running the latest bios and i have reinstalled windows and all the drivers with no luck with the random power mode cycles. The notebook doesnt display any problems when the XG Mobile is not attached.

Only the z13 and x13 are listed as compatible with the xg mobile. This might be something that could be added later through firmware updates but it doesn't not appear the x16 is currently supported.
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