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Flow X13 version with 32GB RAM, good display and NO iGPU

Level 9

I've just noticed the latest Flow X13 (owning the SuperNova Edition of the first one) and was so happy to see that there finally is a version without any iGPU. I was just about to buy it when I noticed, that there is NO version with 32GB RAM / the big display and no integrated (additional) GPU.

Assuming you're owning a XG Mobile, woudn't this be the best version of the Notebook you could get? Less power consumption, less heat, better cooled CPU - and still the same gaming performance, since for gaming surely everyone almost always uses his XG Mobile! And the 780M isn't thaaaaat bad for a short, casual gaming.

ASUS, could you please, please offer this version of the Notebook! That would be so super cool! And ... btw: is there maybe even a 64GB version possible?


Level 7

That whould be awesome! An instant buy!

Who needs the nvidia GPUs? No batterylife, too much heat. I also have the XG Mobile.

Why is there no XG Mobile model with a desktop 4090?

Hey, good question, too: why isn't the desktop GPU available for the XG Mobile? Or a Desktop case, like Alienware's Graphics Amplifier? The X13 with 32GB RAM, no internal GPU and a case for a external one ... Awesome!

ASUS, any comment would be pretty pretty appreciated! 🙂