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Flow X13, touchpad and keyboard bugs out after screen orientation

Level 7
I'm having a problem where my Flow X13 frequently goes into a weird stage after the screen has self-rotated to another orientation than the standard laptop mode. After the the screen orientation changes back to normal mode, the touchpad very often becomes unresponsive (as in doesn't register movement or clicks) and the keyboard registers some keys, but they do different function than normal. This seems like some kind of tent mode/tablet mode/laptop mode bug and quite frankly, I would have appreciated an option to switch between these manually or disabling the non-laptop modes altogether.

Anyone else having issues with screen orientation and input devices?

Level 7
I was having it very occasionally with the touchpad, but never the keyboard. I've not had it happen all day since the BIOS update that came through Windows Update yesterday, so maybe it fixed it, or maybe I've just had a lucky day.

No changelog yet. Seems like BIOS 404 is only available through Windows Update and not on the support site yet.

Level 10
Dear both,
may you share a video of how the issue occurred?
I will check on BIOS 404 as well.
Thank you.