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Flow x13 common issues?

Level 7

Hello all,

I purchased the flow x13 on black friday while I was on my trip. I haven't used/open the laptop yet, won't be able to touch until next week as I get back from my trip. As the title says what are the common issues on the Flow x13?

As I read reddit post of the x13 issues, things that brought up are bios issue, charging issue and XG mobile issue. Coincidentally, my cousin also bought his flow x13 on black friday and he is been using it for about 1-2 weeks and he came across an issue where the ASUS charger that comes with the Flow X13, is not charging the laptop.

I am now concern on my purchase, if I should return it and get a different laptop like the G14 or keep the flow X13 and hope that there is no issue?

I also read that a fresh windows install and installing G-Helper fixes a lot of issues


Level 12

I have ROG Flow X13 (2022) and I had regular disconnections from Bluetooth, the external drive connected via USB disconnected each time the screen was turned off and did not return when returning to the desktop. Also when I was typing the keyboard stopped responding for several seconds, the Bluetooth mouse lost connection.
So I wanted to reset the system but it was impossible to reset, the disk partitioned by Asus was impossible to reset.
Since I replaced the SSD drive with a new virgin one (Micron 2400 SSD 22x30mm) and a new installation of Windows, my PC has been running flawlessly.
I installed the original ssd in an external usb enclosure and erased and reformatted it with Active@ Partition Manager.