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X16 Blank screen in Optimus mode when HDR is enabled

Hi,I just received my X16, 1070TI MiniLED. Everything is working fine so far. I did a fresh installation of Windows 11 22H2.The only issue I am facing is that when I am in Optimus mode and the internal screen is controlled by the AMD iGPU, I get a bl...

Problems with XG Mobile and Flow Z13

Hi guys! I've had my Flow Z13 (i7-12700H model) since mid-April 2022 and I was able to grab a 3070 XG Mobile along with it.Now since the beginning I've had headaches with the XG Mobile constantly crashing every time I'm playing a game. I used to thin...

X13 Flow, Sleep Mode not working at all

How to fix sleep mode in X13 and Win11? Why has Asus been silent and sweeping the problem under the rug for so long? :mad:Mobile device that needs to be turned off or hibernated every time? Today I almost cooked my laptop in my backpack. I've tried a...

Keyboard disabled on wake Z13

My Z13 has the annoying habit of not recognizing the keyboard on wake up. I have to detach and reattach the keyboard. After that, its fine until it sleeps again. Searched the forum and couldn't find any similar issues with anyone else.Z13 GZ301GZ,...

Flow z13 keyboard problem/intel igpu problem

I updated frimware for keyboard but i still lose lighting on my keyboard. This happens random and i need to uplug keyboard and plug it back to get lightning.Second problem. I have stutters with igpu. All drivers and windows 11 updated. Upgrading to n...

Sib3riX by Level 9
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Flow X13 100W PD charger

What is the reason behind have a type-c 100W charger and yet will not allow third party fully PD compliant 100w+ charger to fully power the Flow X13?This just really baffles me. The whole point of USB PD using type-c is to standardize charging tech ...

mlaihk by Level 7
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