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X16 Flow keyboard issues

does anyone know how to fix an issue when you type you get randomly a doubled up character on the keyboard.It is completely random never the same keys and can happen zero times in 15 minutes or three times in a 5 second period.I have tried uninstalli...

z13 touch keyboard disable issue

Hi,I can't stop my touch keyboard from popping up in tablet mode. Unticked the option for show touch keyboard when there's no keyboard attached. still the same.anyone can help?thanks in advance. 

luke91 by Level 7
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Rog flow x13 charging issue

Right now im having an energy issue, my rog flow is the one with a gtx1650, at the beginning i though that my battery drainnage started because im working now with an external monitor (which didnt make much sense cuz it have its own power cable), not...

Flow Z13 Very bad microphone quality

I really like my Flow Z13 but the microphone quality is very bad.When I record audio from the microphone in silent mode (fans off), I can more or less hear what I say.However, when the fans are on, you cannot understand a word I am saying.I thought t...

bonsoir by Level 7
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X13 Flow Wake From Sleep Issues

I got my X13 Flow last week and while I love this ridiculous little thing, I'm having some wake issues on idle where the screen will turn back on while it idles and show the lockscreen and keeps it very warm, even when the lid is closed.Looking at th...

Hasney by Level 7
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Issue with Z13 and XG Mobile (eGPU) and Armoury Crate

Hi - is anyone experiencing an issue where you have the Z13 connected to the XG Mobile eGPU which is then connected to an external monitor?Armoury Crate upgraded itself automatically to v5.4.8 and then the contents of the AC window where you can view...

EdwardQ by Level 7
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XG Mobile

Is there gonna be any XG Mobile available to buy separately from notebook? Or may be some docking station to use desktop GPU?