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Resolved! NEW BIOS: 306 for Asus ROG Flow Z13 2023 (GZ301VU)

Asus released a new BIOS version 306 yesterday. Anybody had any issues after updating?I updated the bios with the windows setup exe. file and it went smoothly, however I saw some weird text at some point...I think it was "SUN" and "MON" before the up...

Bad gradient on ROG Flow Z13 ACRNYM

Hi Everyone - I bought Z13 ACNYM couple of days ago. After series of updates, I started looking at details and I noticed really bad banding on the screen (check the top of first image). I run a screen test and the gradient test seem to be failing on ...

1. General.png 2. Gradient test 1.png
Sa11y by Level 7
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ASUS ROQ FLow Z13 (2023) stuck in Bios Update

Hi there, anyone experienced this?I have the device sicne yesterday, did some updates, installed some games, watched some shows, then i turned if off yesterday.Now if i boot i will always end up in the Bios Update window, where it tells me to select ...


Battery life on the GZ301ZA-PS53?

Hey guys! I ordered the i5 GZ301ZA-PS53 version of the z13 basically just as a power and storage upgrade upgrade from my surface pro 6. I don’t plan on using it for gaming, outside of some older/ not graphically intense ones. How is the battery life ...

Asus ROG Flow x13 GV301QE Battery drain while plugged in

Hello there. Have a problem with my Asus GV301QE  leptop. The problem that is when i plugged in the charger to laptop battery keep drains to 20-26%. I'm using Battery Health Charging on each mode and no one helps. But i can charge laptop if i turn it...

ROG Flow X13 2022 (GV301RA) - eGPU

Hey guys, can you please help me? I recently bought this notebook and it works ok with some games but i want more performance, i searched all over the internt for the eGPU ROG XG Mobile but i couldn't find it anywhere that sells online, what do you g...

Jhonne by Level 7
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Flow X13 2023: GTX4060 on GPU0

On Task manager, I have GTX4060 (Discrete) on GPU0 and Radeon 780M (Integrated) on GPU0. Is this the case for anyone else? This happened after I reinstalled Windows with a standard microsoft windows 11 profession usb boot drive. While there doesn't s...

Screenshot 2023-06-25 182411.png