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rog flow z13 audio interface problems

Hi guys,i'm a music producer and i'm having serious problems while using my Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 connected via USB. It seems like the CPU is constantly overloading, the laptop is overheating and i can't use normal apps like spotify or my DAW Fl stu...


Fresh installed windows 11 pro  , everting is extremally slow.. simple task as copy paste files in same drive ... or copy them to external  ssd , video playback can`t be done in full screen (it`s freezing )  i din't find any game that works normal in...

bodoo by Level 7
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2022 ROG Flow Z13 cannot enable device encryption

I noticed that device encryption was not showing up in Windows 11 settings, and upon looking in System Information I saw the following under "Device Encryption Support": "Reasons for failed automatic device encryption: PCR7 binding is not supported, ...

Rog flow z13 (gz301ze) Battery issues

Purchased the device around August in 2022, after 2 to 3 months, the battery became really weird. Took the fully charged device out once, and battery got emptied in 2 hours. After that, I never really took the device out again and always have it plug...

Flow X13 / XG Mobile HDMI not working

Just like many users out there I have the problem that my XG Mobile's HDMI isn't working (reliable) - means if the display works it does until I restart the device. Every time has a pretty high chance that the display won't come back. It gets detecte...

Should I buy ROG Flow x13 2023?

Hello, as the title says, I am wondering if I should buy the x13 2023 version with the 4k display and XG Mobile RX6850M XT.I'm going to college in october and I want to give up on paper and focus on writing using the laptop, since it is 2 in 1. I als...

bents1 by Level 7
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Considering selling out for the ROG Ally and Z13 Acronym

I currently have a multi pc/multi platform setup. I use my 16” MacBook Pro for creative work (photo/Video editing/ 3D dabbling) and I have a desktop Gaming Rig…for gaming…I’m thinking about selling my MacBook Pro AND desktop rig for the ROG Ally and ...

ROG Flow x13 2023 crashes after a few hours of sleep

HelloI have a 2 month old ROG Flow X13 which functions very well apart from this annoying glitch where it abruptly shuts down when I close the lid to make it sleep for more than 3 or 4 hours. In the windows event viewer, I can see a critical error ev...

Bricked X13

I've been having issues with my X13, model GV301QH. A refurbished demo unit bought from the Asus online store in South Africa.After a BIOS update a few nights via windows, the PC would not start.  The keyboard would flash once and that's it.  From re...

JW78 by Level 7
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