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My ROG Flow Z13 battery drains faster that it charges using the XG mobile. Im not even running multiple apps at the same time. On a full charge and gaming it drops down from 100 to 20 percent in an hour. Anyone else have the same issue?

Rog flow z13 2023 Charger

good morning. I have lost my origional TYPE-C, 130W AC Adapter, Output: 20V DC, 6.5A, 130W, Input: 100~240V AC, 50/60Hz universal charger. I have a spare 65w one but does not give the required power. I have looked for an offical asus replacement, but...

Easter egg numbers on 2023 Flow X16

Hi All!What do the numbers /2 and 06 mean that one can find on the two hinges of the 2023 Flow X16?I tried to find an answer - no luck.

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XG mobile Connector Issue. Bricked

Hi All, I have a 2021 X13 with a 3080 XG mobile. Unfortunately I have had the known issue with the XG mobile connector getting stuck in the socket and force being required to remove and subsequently replug in. Since removing the connector the XG mobi...

Asus ROG Flow 13 doesn't turn on

My ASUS doesn't show any charge when plugged in, I already purchased another charger and also doesn't want to charge, doesn't show any LED when plugged inn, I consulted a technician about that and he said it might be a fault IC Charger that is a very...

Rog Flow X16 (GV601RW) Keyboard Issue

Hello. Recently my Flow X16 updated the BIOS to 314. It looks like whatever has happened during this update has broken the keyboard. It fails to work for about 15-20 minutes after powering on but works fine thereafter.I've tried to uninstall drivers ...

Z13 GZ301ZE S3 Sleep Problems.

So... I Just called ASUS support to try to get this issue resolved, but... yeah, so here is the run down.S0 is a horrible thing on laptops/windows/linux machines because it doesn't work, it drains battery and causes machines to over heat. ask me how ...

ROG Flow X13 (2023, RTX 4070) G-Sync with external Monitor

Hi everyoneI'm not able to get G-Sync working with my ROG Flow X13 (2023, RTX 4070) and AOC AG271QG Monitor (supports G-Sync). I bought a USB-C to DisplayPort Cable ( which should support G-Sync as well but...