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Battery stopped charging _2024

Level 7

I really liked this device, however, I had a very bad experience with the battery.

After one month of getting this device the battery stopped charging for no reason I thought it is a Windows update.. I checked the drives and the battery life , I tried all the possible updates, the battery was stuck not charging,  and the device immediately switch off if unplugged. When I searched I found many users reporting the same issue.. I contacted Asus and described my issue but the only solution was to return the device, which I did! and reordered a brand new one, surprisingly after exactly one month it stopped charging again with the same problem so I returned it. 

I am writing this for all the new users willing to get this device, and for Asus as they need to check this reoccurring issue!

This device came with the exact  facilities that I needed, I wish that Asus finds a solution for this problem.