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Asus XG Mobile 3080 crashes in turbo mode

Level 7

I just bought used asus z13 with xg mobile. After like 1 minute in game it crashes. Sometimes reseting whole system, sometimes just the game. On performance mode it works totally fine. I tried it on my asus ally but same thing. Its like default overclock is bad or something. I didn't tried manual overclock don't want to fry it or something. Tried reinstaling bios on laptop but it didn't help. Is there any fix? Fps looks similar anyways for that 1 minute that works but still I would like to test it more on max


Level 12

Unfortunately, "Armory Crate" in Turbo mode sets excessive power limits for the CPU.

Your maximum PL2 is 115 W, so in my opinion you should not exceed this value.

Level 12

On my CPU, "Armory Crate" exceeds the power limit in Turbo mode by 18 W.

It doesn't seem like much, but it can destabilize the CPU.